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Post amazing music

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    Any genre any song that stirs your soul.

    I'll start off with Metastaseis by Iannis Xenakis. A componist, music theorist, architect-engineer. Most of musical his work is inspired by mathematical concepts. Be warned, it isn't easy to listen to the first couple of times.

    As Newtonian views of time show it flowing linearly, Einsteinian views show it as a function of matter and energy; change one of those quantities and time too is changed. Xenakis attempted to make this distinction in his music. While most traditional compositions depend on strictly measured time for the progress of the line, using an unvarying tempo, time signature, or phrase length, Metastaseis changes intensity, register, and density of scoring, as the musical analogues of mass and energy. It is by these changes that the piece propels itself forward: the first and third movements of the work do not have even a melodic theme or motive to hold them together, but rather depend on the strength of this conceptualization of time.​

    Another one to get you back to earth...

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    hmmm can't say I enjoy that. :smile:

    Here is something I am currently listening to

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    Didn't realise there was another thread like this. Only searched for music, not song :(
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    Reminds me of my experience of Laurie Anderson's "O Superman" over the last 30 years.

    I was quite perturbed/disturbed by her "new sound", back then.

    Fast forward, 30 years: a youngster FB friend posted another song she did: let x=x


    Laurie is, and always will be, a freakin' genius.......
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    Just makes me want to travel the universe. I love spacey music.

    I think you'll certainly fancy this, or anything by Palmbomen (or Betonkust)

    And Maybe you'll enjoy these...

    The hang (instrument)

    Tuvan throat singing or Mongolian throat singing. Worth giving a chance, it gets better and better.
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