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Post Counts

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    My "number of posts" states 358, I know I have posts that are far greater than that, doing a search I can only find postings going back to April05, are posts transfered into archive after 6 months?..or are posts deleted by persons such as mentors during a forum 'sping-clean'?

    If there is process of searching threads, ie if the search only scans 6 months, what is the best process for retrieving a post that is within say "physics" forum, do archieved posts stay/..within the catagory it was posted in?

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    First of all posts in GD doesn't count. So I think you only have 361 posts in other forums. As for finding your posts, you can only find the last 500 posts of any member.(Note that these 500 last posts inculde General discussion posts as well) Hope it would answer your question!

    PS And you can find the last 500 threads started by any member.Just need to check their profiles.
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    If you use the "advanced search" option, you can specify a date range for your search to find older posts.
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    I see, I should have explored the interface a little more, thanks Lisa and Moonbear.
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