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Post-doctoral Fellowship offer

  1. Feb 25, 2008 #1
    Candidates with a background in statistical physics and numerical simulations are sought for a one -or two-year post-doctoral fellowship in the Statistical Physics Group at the University of Extremadura (SPhinX), Badajoz, Spain.

    The fellowship is associated with the Research Grant: Statistical physics of complex systems: disordered and granular media

    Gross salary: 34,000 euro/year (net salary of approximately 20,000 euro/year after health insurance and tax deductions).

    October1, 2008–September 30, 2009 (or 2010).

    Deadline for application:
    March 31, 2008.

    Candidates may send a curriculum vitae to any of the possible supervisors:

    * Santos B. Yuste (santos(at-no-spam)unex.es)
    * Andrés Santos (andres(at-no-spam)unex.es)
    * Vicente Garzó (vicenteg(at-no-spam)unex.es)
    * Juan J. Ruiz-Lorenzo (ruiz(at-no-spam)unex.es)

    The applicants should also indicate their term preferences (1 or 2 years) and arrange two letters of recommendation to be sent by two referees of their choice.

    The activities of the research group may be consulted in http://www.unex.es/eweb/fisteor/index_eng.html

    Click http://www.unex.es/fisteor/postdoc07.Cartel.pdf" for a pdf version of the announcement of the postdoctoral fellowship.
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