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Post Edit Period?

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    I put up a long post late last night. In the light of the day, there are some edits I'd like to make, but the "Edit" button is gone from the bottom.

    Everywhere I've looked said we have 24 hours to edit, and it's only been 6. I'm definitely logged in as me, because I used my own Content page to link to it. Can someone tell me what happened to the Edit button?
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    The edit period is 4 hours. Where have you seen 24 listed?
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    I didn't see anything directly in the Help section, so I did a search on "edit posts". Here are some links that turned up:


    These are all old, I realize, but after I saw the same time given in multiple threads, I stopped looking. I never found anywhere that said 4 hours.

    24 hours would be nice (especially when reviewing my 3 AM ramblings) but it's not a big deal for this post. I was just going to clean up some grammar and/or clarify some statements. If necessary, I'll address any serious issues in a Reply.
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    Huh. And I was going to blame @phinds ...
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    It was longer a few years ago, but then too many users deleted their homework problems after they got solved, which ruined the thread (the replies don't make sense any more) and it could also indicate cheating if the users were not allowed to ask for help online and tried to hide that.
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    After the Edit Period has expired, you can just click on the "Report" link on your post, and ask the Mentors to make the edits for you.

    Note that if there have been replies to your post, it may make more sense for you to post an update Reply instead with the corrections. Otherwise it may confuse folks who have replied.
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