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Post editing

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    what's up with moving my thread in skepticism and debunking to the end of a newer created thread on the exact same topic? Was this a mistake, or is there a reason. Usually you move a thread to a new category.
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    Have you got a link to the thread?
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    Never mind, I thought it was a newer thread, it's actually a thread from 06. I feel like an idiot, sorry for the waste of time. I guess it has already been debunked.
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    LOL! Nevermind.
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    I actually even did a search before posting, but nothing came up. I guess locked threads are filtered out. Was the thread from 06 locked and reopened with the addition of the posts in my thread? Why does it need to be locked anyways?
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    The search function doesn't always work very well here. I assume that by your surprise, you didn't receive any warning or infraction for the post in question, which is probably because the related post was old enough that missing it in a search was a reasonable error. Google seems to be updating its index of our site almost instantly lately, so you can sometimes have better luck searching for old threads in google by specifying us as the site.
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    Actually, I would appreciate it if I could have my posts https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=123863&page=3 here deleted since adding them to the end of another thread puts my posts out of context and makes me look stupid. It is as if I read all the previous posts, which don't even come up in searches, and then responded when in reality I started a thread which was moved to the end of a new one.
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    The mentors are considering/discussing your request. We'll get back to you on this.
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