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News Post-Election Selection Trauma PEST

  1. Nov 18, 2004 #1
    Do you suffer from 'Post-Election Selection Trauma' or PEST? Are you irritated by the stupidity of the American voter? Grieve no longer, simply visit this SITE and be cured. We idiots, lacking your talents, will devolve into beasties no longer capable of balancing a beer can on a rounded abdomen. A well deserved fate. I already miss:

    9th Circuit Court
    Air America
    CBS News

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    That's funny. I don't ever remember an election causing this much despair among Americans.
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    If you look closely at the Englarged Jet picture you can see

    1. the "Help Them Leave" name is edited onto it.
    2. The "HTL 003" text on the far plane is as big (bigger?) than the close jet.
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    Wait til they hear about veggie pain....PEST and Screaming peas..what will they do?
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