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Post exam anxiety

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    How often do you have post exam anxiety?

    I have most often. After I give my exam , i keep on guessing the marks that i will score.
    If the guess oscillates around pass marks, then it makes me more anxious and that harms other exam I give.
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    Maybe seeing a councelor or a therapist would do you some good. I'm not saying that you need it, but perhaps you do.
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    :wink: I think you mean "affective". I'd like to have an effective disorder - I bet it would be helpful.
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    That's what I meant, typo, sorry... No flies on any of the crowd that hang here, that's for sure, I will go back and edit it as well.

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    I tend to worry a little obsessively about tests after I take them too. Thinking about questions I might have or know I did answer wrong, or realizing correct answers where I put something else or nothing. Fortunately it goes away after I get the exam back, so it's only a few days. Then there's the pre test anxiety... oh well.
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    I forget everything about the exam once I finish my exam :surprised
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    The other day I turned in an exam and just as I was sitting it on my professors desk I realized that I did not re-substitute back in for u on an integral but it was too late to take it back!

    It drove me absolutely crazy for for 3 straight days until I got the grade for it and he only took off one point for the error.
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    perhaps I need that .

    It's my problem from high school.

    my other problems are I make many minor errors. Can you imagine, in a math test I made minor calculation error that worth me 32 marks.
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    No I didn't. I am writing right after my 3rd exam out of my 7 exams ( engineering exams)
    I try to fill myself with same idea, but the at the end I go with my habit of anxiety.
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    This well-known short prayer comes to mind:

    "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
    Courage to change the things I can,
    And wisdom to know the difference."

    Religion aside, I think the sentiment is relevant. It's a nice word, serene. :)
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