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Physics Post Grad advice for a Physics Major

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    Hi guys, I would be very grateful if I get some advice regarding choosing a subject to choose for my master degree. I recently graduated with a major in Physics, and with a minor concentration in Maths and Chemistry.
    I had always wanted to go for interdisciplinary research and so I applied for two such subjects one being Biophysics and Molecular Biology and the other being Atmospheric Sciences.

    As a background, I was a medical aspirant before I chose to major in Physics and not biology so I have had the required courses in Biology in High School. My interest for Biology had compelled me to opt for Biophysics and Mol Bio, and this program incorporates students from Physics,Chem, and other Life science majors.

    The problem is my priority was Biophysics earlier. We have to give exams to get into these programs. When I gave the exams, I was hoping to get Biophysics but instead, I scored really well in the Atmospheric Sciences entrance much to my surprise. At that time I was very worried about being worthless and not getting a chance to study anywhere so I quickly admitted myself to AS. I know very little about this discipline. But I have been going to classes for two weeks and the subject is not bad. It is basically applying Maths and Physics and Chem to atmospheric phenomena and studying about Meteorology and Climatology.

    But recently I got a chance to apply again for the Biophysics program even though I scored badly in this entrance. So I was thinking about the research scope between these two programs. BTW, I am from India.

    Regarding my interests, my judgment seems cloudy now. I seem to like both. So it is difficult for me to choose between the two. If you would like I would attach the syllabus of both these programs to ascertain the research scope in the future.

    Thanks a lot!

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