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Post-grad prog in India

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    What are the different post-graduate programmes offered in various institutes in India? I'm aware of MSc thru IIT. Are there any other institutes offrering an excellent MSc programme?
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    it'll be good if you try to be a bit more specific about your choice of subject.. (it's physics i guess!) frankly speaking there are not many institutes offering an excellent master's program ...
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    Some institutes offer M.Sc by research programmes for B.Sc graduates who are successful at the JEST (Joint Entrance Screening Test) which, although, primarily intended for those who have completed their M.Sc .

    Here is the ad for this year's exam - http://www.rri.res.in/htmls/jest2005/jest-2005-2.html [Broken]

    Hope this helps.
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    hope u can try for m.sc entrance test of pune university next u can go for central uni.
    u must try for jnu and bhu.
    good luck.
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    JNCASR and IISc bangalore offer Int. PhD programme for gradutes
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    Hi Plz Give Me A List Of Textbooks And Reference Books For Preparing For Jam Test For Adimmision Into Iit
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