Post number off by one

  1. I think the number of posts are off by one.
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    Nope, it looks fine. You have two posts outside of General Discussion (those posts don't count), and 2 posts on your post count. It doesn't really matter anyway. The post count is more of a frill around here. We don't have "levels" or anything based on post count, because we are focused more on quality of content here. We are more likely to notice and respect someone who only has 10 posts that are all top-quality, informative, helpful, and supported with references, than someone who has 1000 one-line, somewhat pointless posts.
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    If you are referring to the number of replies shown for a thread and the actual number of posts shown in the thread, yes, they differ by "one". The number of replies will show one less than the number of posts because the opening thread post counts as "1" post, although there may be "0" replies.
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