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  1. Mar 25, 2012 #1
    Hi Physics Forumites
    I have tried to find a post which I didn't bookmark - foolish me. It discussed uniform accelerated motion in relativistic terms and, unusually, incorporated initial velocities, all in very nice LaTeX. I have scanned a bunch of threads on rocket motion, but can't find it again!
    Does anyone know the thread I mean?
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  3. Mar 25, 2012 #2
    'forumites'..is that a slur of somekind???? if so, i have been called worse, even in these forums....

    Do you know the date of the initial post? or the originator?
    Someone also said go to your "MY PF" ....somehow you can locate threads that way....maybe if you posted in them...BenCrowell had made that suggestion to someone recnetly....
    [It's pretty funny that I, who can never find the thread I want, is offering search suggestions!]
  4. Mar 25, 2012 #3
    No slur.
    If I knew the date...
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