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Post preview not working?

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    I want to make a somewhat latex-heavy post in one of the subforums, so to check if everything looks I'm trying to use the preview feature. However pressing the "preview post" button shows an error page with the following message:
    Database error
    The Physics Help and Math Help - Physics Forums database has encountered a problem.

    Is this problem going to fixed soon, or is there a work around, etc.?

    I tried the preview function with a post in the current subforum, and it worked... maybe the problem is with the particular subforum then? It's "Calculus and Analysis" by the way...
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    Doc Al

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    I just tried the preview post with Latex in that subforum ("Calculus and Analysis"). Seems to work OK.
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    The forum has had a software upgrade so it may be buggy. You can test your latex on dedicated sites before you post it if its still playing up. Here is a recommended one.

    http://at.org/~cola/tex2img/index.php [Broken]

    or an alternative.

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