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Post-Sumatra Quake Research

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    Interesting ARTICLE summarizing some recently published research about last December's 9.0 quake off Sumatra. Apparently, there are a bunch of articles about it to appear in tomorrow's issue of Science. Some factoids:

    The most interesting is the last - the earth rang like a bell for weeks?! :surprised
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    I only pray that such incidents don't wake up Toba, on the island of Sumatra. It is much nearer to where those two referenced plates meet than is Yellowstone to the similar zone off the West coast of the US.

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    Toba is a hugh sleeping giant, the area has been seismically active for most of the 20th century. I'm hopeing someone is watching it.
    I've hear rumors that the side effects of the quake will somehow effect our weather..but its been normal weather here ..so far.
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