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Post Taken Down

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  1. Sep 30, 2014 #1
    I recently wrote a blog about the Saturn V Rocket and posted it here with a link to the blog where I wrote it (which is in a different forum). The post was taken down as advertising. Is this really Physics Forums policy? Would I have been better off lying and saying something like "I came across this blog and it was interesting". I don't want to lie. I don't feel I'm doing anything wrong here.

    I spent days researching and writing the article. No registration is required to view it. Basically I'm saying, I wrote this, I'm proud of it, please look if you're interested. Is trying to make a relevant audience aware of my hard work really considered spam?

    Judge for yourselves. Here is a link to the blog:
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    Unfortunately this new forum version no longer allows blogs and we have a policy not to link to blogs since we have no control over the content. I understand how you feel. It's not a critique of your blog

    Closed pending moderation discussion.
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    If it makes you feel better - link would get deleted for exactly the same reasons Evo posted above. We do our best to be consistent about the way forum is moderated.
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