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Schools Post the Funnest/Hardest Academic Semester you had in university

  1. Jun 17, 2005 #1
    Mine would be 3rd year 1-2 term and 4th year term 1

    3.1 Funnest/Hardest-(woke up at 9am and slept at like 3am)
    Computer Graphics
    Neuropsych I
    Astrophysics: Stellar
    Quantum I
    Probability Theory
    Number Theory

    3.2 Easiest
    Theory of Computation
    Automata and Language Theory
    Computational Geometry
    Psych Modelling Project: Reinforcement Learning

    4.1 Would have been my funnest
    AI(worse course I ever took/teacher was bad but other courses were good)
    Neuropsych II
    Math Phys
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  3. Jun 20, 2005 #2
    Mmm, hardest?

    Last year undergraduate, double major physics/mathematics

    Fuctional Analysis
    Statistics, Probability & Measure theory
    Analytical Mechanics
    Intro to Quantum Mechanics
    Special Relativity & Electrodynamics
    Numerical Analysis
    Intro to astronomy
    Advanced labwork

    Nearly killed me, but I survived :biggrin:
  4. Jun 20, 2005 #3
    You took ALL of those during the same semester? Or are you talking about an academic year?
  5. Jun 20, 2005 #4
    ok, lets see:

    Calculus 2
    Algebra based physics 2 (someone told me that you couldn't pass calculus based physics 2 without taking calculus 2, total BS BTW)
    Biochemistry 2
    biochemistry lab
    gross anatomy + lab
    organic chemistry lab
    a public speaking class
    intro to native American literature

    Pile on top of that:
    working 30 hours per week
    6+ hours per week training and competing in MA
    spending 6 hours per week in a MCAT prep course
    spending 10+ hours per week studying for the MCAT itself for the following spring

    OH YEA, and the ultimate "in your face"
    Fiancée of 2.5 years dumped me for a 42 year old, lazy, part time substitute school teacher who managed to lose $200k day trading in the stock market in about 6 months. The reason for the dumping??? I didn't know to get her moose tracks ice cream while watching movies, so I couldn't possible "KNOW" her like he does.

    About half way through that semester, I just stopped going to class or showing up for tests. I took the MCAT the following spring and scored a 32, not bad considering. I got a full time job and had to work for 5 years before I realized what a huge mistake I had made by leaving school.

    WOW, as painful as that was to type, I feel oddly better.
  6. Jun 20, 2005 #5

    Math Is Hard

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    You were dumped over ice cream? I think that guy did you a favor. :wink:
  7. Jun 20, 2005 #6
    One semester. If you add up the hours, it basically amounted to the amount of coursework one normally does in a year.

    I'm really looking forward to my next semester, though

    A course on integral equations
    Elementary Particles Theory (standard model)
    QFT (path integral formalism)
    General Relativity
  8. Jun 20, 2005 #7
    damn 10 courses in one semester? even engineers don't take that much. how did you fit in all the exams?
  9. Jun 21, 2005 #8
    I spent a year at our military academy.

    On top of 25 odd contact hours (Aero eng), I had 8 hours of military classes (leadership etc), 2 hours of drill and several hours of just random ****.

    Couple that with all the other things that go along with it, like keeping rooms perfect, perfect uniforms etc, it was probably my hardest year. I had no desire to stay in the RAAF, so now Im out enjoying civvy uni.

  10. Jun 21, 2005 #9
    Physicists are tougher then engineers :tongue2:

    Well, over here we have a three week exam period. Also, numerical analys didn't have an exam, just projects. I managed to do my thermo and astro exams before the official examinations period as well. You can get away with alot if you're a little creative...
  11. Jun 21, 2005 #10
    Ha! And here I am questioning whether 5 math classes, with nothing else, will be too much in one semester! Yeah you guys are insane :smile:
  12. Jun 21, 2005 #11
    Well in one year I had to do the remaining halves of 2 full language degrees, finish a degree in mathematics and applied physics and also do training for the army.

    I had literally not 1 day off for 6months.

  13. Jun 21, 2005 #12
    I've found that not having a single day off is what really burns me out when I pulling insane hours like 80+ per week. I could stand working 13.5 hours per day, 6 days a week, a lot longer then I could do 11.5 hours per day 7 days a week.
  14. Jun 21, 2005 #13
    Mine toughest was last semester (spring) and this one (summer).

    Diff Eq
    PHY II with lab
    ENGR designing with autocad (loads of homework)
    Writing class


    Add to that 40 hrs/week of work.
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