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Suggestion Post too wide to fit on screen

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    Hi. Sometimes I run into threads with attachments that don't fit on the computer screen and so have to be scrolled. This in my opinion ruins the whole thread since all the post now are "extended" by this one post and you have to fumble with the scroll keys to see all the other post and not just that one big one. It just contributes to a messy-looking presentation in my view.

    May I suggest the administration consider restricting attachment sizes that fit on the screen. If it's large, then reduce it down to a convenient-fitting size, or if the thread is specifically created for pictures, then allow an exception I guess.
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    I think you are referring to in-post images (displayed via img tags) rather than attachments - there are limitations on the sizes of attachments. I don't know if there is any way to restrict the size of an image file that is hosted externally? It is generally good practice to keep images to within about 640 pixels wide.

    If there's an image that stretches the screen making things messy, you could post a response asking the person who made the image post to resize the image.
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