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News Post-war Planning: To Be Provided

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    Post-war Planning: "To Be Provided"

    Details of the Bush administration's total lack of post-war planning for Iraq.

    A lot of this was well known at the time U.S. troops were deployed, especially the bits about the Pentagon living in Ahmad Chalabi's fantasy world. The overall shape of the mess that would follow if the administration's soi disant invasion plan was used was quite accurately predicted both by external critics and people inside military and intelligence planning circles.

    In the end, arguments about whether invading Iraq was a good idea or not are moot. The inadequacy of the pre-war planning was so evident—even before operations started—that, given that this was an elective war, the reason for going is more or less irrelevant. If the goal was worth pursuing, as the administration's supporters aver, it was worth doing with a thorough plan that the strategists could support and the field commanders could have faith in at all stages. Anything else is at best rank incompetence, at worst an utter betrayal of public trust, and in all cases holds the lives of U.S. soldiers cheaply.

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