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Post your Desktop: May 2004

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    Every month, starting with May 2004, I am going to create a new thread where you can show your desktop to the world and/or share tips on customizing.

    Images MUST be SMALLER than or EQUAL to 640x480 if your going to upload your picture to PF. Also make sure you compress the files into gif, jpg, or png formats. NO BMP files. If your hosting it on your own site I don't care how big it is.

    It would be nice if can you post which icon set/visual style your using so other people can use them.


    Here is my desktop:


    The icons on the bottom of the screen hide away. The task bar is hidden in the left bottom corner. All my menus have transparency enabled.

    KDE 3.2.2
    Wallpaper: Nature Captured (from Deviant Art's minimal wallpaper section)
    Icon Set: Crystal SVG
    XMMS Skin: UltraClean (from themes.freshmeat.net)
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    Nice idea for a thread, and nice desktop! Is yours for Windows?
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    http://img10.imageshack.us/img10/3691/mydesktophaha.jpg [Broken]

    Default Icons, etc.

    p.s. note the url :-)
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    Check out his avatar.
  6. May 1, 2004 #5

    Stupid question :redface:
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    The taskbar is on the bottom of the screen and is hidden away.

    Windows XP SP1
    Wallpaper: ASCI Q made blue by me in The GIMP for Windows.

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    400x400 and no larger than 50 KB file size.
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    quddusaliquddus, No it is Linux, Gentoo linux to be exact.

    aychamo, where did you get that background. Very nice

    hitssquad, A little too blue for me, but very nice. No more than 100KB should be fine, unless 50KB is the limit allowed by Greg. I don't like the pictures too small because I can't see the detail in the theme.
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    Wow, I really like the three desktops posted so far. It is a far cry from mine.

    My desktop is so cluttered and the background picture so unoriginal (by Windows) that I am too embarrassed to show off.

    Maybe some other time, when I have time to fix my desktop. I'll be aiming for next month.
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    End Effect and Deaddreamer

    I remember it from a few years back. I think it's from End Effect, circa year 1998, 1999 or 2000. They used to have tons of great backgrounds. I haven't been there lately. If you ever checked out e.themes.org (the enlightenment themes page with tons of great screenshots) in the late 90's and early 00's, you would see many backgrounds from End Effect. Deaddreamer is also good for very original and high quality backgrounds. Deaddreamer did some of the more serious classics where everyone would be asking where to get the background. Deaddreamer is a little unique in that, unlike most of the young wave of photoshop experts, he can actually draw, too, and he's good at photography -- those two items really add a lot to his backgrounds, I think.
  13. May 1, 2004 #12
    Hey man!

    I don't have a clue where I got my background from, but I moved my task bar down once and I see this URL on my picture (thankfully my taskbar covers up the text on the picture, that is a nice coincidence!

    http://misery.subnet.at/v10/freeze/index.html [Broken]
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  14. May 2, 2004 #13
    Deaddreamer sometimes looks like End Effect

    Yeah, that is Deaddreamer, also known as Misery. He has two websites. One is deadreamer.com, the other is misery.subnet.at. They both have the same backgrounds art, but the former has a very artsy-and-cool-but-slow interface and the latter has a quick-and-dirty interface.

    You have ddr_0012 - wavez from the freezeframes submenu.

    Misery (also known as Deaddreamer) is friends with the guys at End Effect. Some of his art looks a lot like their usual stuff. ddr_0012 is one of those. BTW, if you get on Deaddreamer's mailing list, he will email you every once in a very long while with an announcement with direct links whenever he posts a new background. (He will never email you at any other time.)
  15. May 10, 2004 #14
    Hey guys .. I'm running WinXP with the WinXP Silver Theme (its one of the themes that comes with WinXP). All I want to "theme" is to make my start button silver, like the rest of my windows. Is this easy to do>
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    First Attachment: I made this one using Terragen two years back and have had it on my computer for quite some time. I like the naturesque landscapes and decided to create one on my own.

    Note: The image is 400 x 300 (originally 1024 x 768) and only 13kb.


    Second Attachment: The other image I like to rotate. This one was created by someone else and this person used GIMP, Terragen, POV-Ray, and a optical-crystal simulation program. This image simulates a sunrise on saturn.

    Note: This one is shrunk to 400 x 125, but in its original state it could be expanded to 1024 x 768 without much loss in quality. Size only 7kb.

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    Wow, I'm very impressed. I really like photorealistic work. Two thumbs up.
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