Poster on brick wall?

  1. so I have a brick wall in my room I wanna put a poster on. it's the regular small house brick, a chimney to be exact. I've used sticky tack and tape. both hold for a bit and let go after a couple weeks.
    what would you use?
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  3. Evo

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    Would you be able to put some clear sealant over the brick at the spots where you would attach the poster? I would suggest brushing the brick first to remove any grit or dust. Once you have a non-porous surface, the sticky tack should hold.
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  4. Danger

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    You can also drill holes into the bricks and install concrete or drywall anchors. Mount a solid board of some sort using those, and stick your poster to the board.
  5. Kurdt

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    pva glue should work but it may damage the poster when you come to take it down.
  6. Sand the area down under the poster so that it is nice and smooth.
  7. Bricks suck up moisture, thats why the tape is getting lose.
  8. Yeah, always keep your tape good and wet.
  9. Danger

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    More than a few 'ban-worthy' responses to that come to mind... :uhh:
  10. FredGarvin

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    Have you tried any of the adhesive puttys that are out there? I think 3M makes the stuff I have seen before.
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