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Postgrad computer science courses

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    Hi, I need some help deciding which courses to choose for my postgrad and final year of university. I have enjoyed doing programming at a company that does VOIP systems, I have also enjoyed some work that involved setting up computer software that monitors electric motors and other machinery. I would like to get involved further in the networking field or in setting up systems connected to real life machinery. I have also been interested in security systems, like at a bank, since they have a high need for good security protocols and systems.

    I DON'T want to be sitting behind a computer ALL day as a code monkey. I want to go to meetings, deal with clients, and possibly have to travel now and then for on-site issues. When I am done with my honours I would like my earnings to be at least the same as most PG computer science.

    I have 5 topics to choose from the following list. Which will be best to help me achieve my goals?

    Advanced Operating Systems[I kind of want to do this because I don't know much about operating systems]

    Compilers (is this useful in general????)

    Computational Complexity (Is this P/NP stuff? doesn't seem that useful unless you want to study even further?)

    Computer Architecture (Not sure what this is about)

    Networks[I kind of want to do this topic, even though I battled with my undergrad networking course (but my project was the BEST and got me guaranteed work after I finish my Postgrad). I'm interested in it, even though I struggle with the theory]

    Introduction to research methods (since its not a compulsory topic, I'm assuming I wont really need this in order to do my research project)

    Artificial Intelligence (useful if you're NOT going into the gaming industry???)

    High Performance Computing and Scientific Data Management[I kinda want to do this for interests sake]

    Image Processing[I kinda want to do this for interests sake]

    Computational Molecular Biology[Seems like algorithms for string processing from what I've researched. Apparently useful in other Computer Science applications. I'm not all that interested in this. I have a compulsory Algorithms topic anyway]

    So I have to choose 5 topics. Above there are 4 I'm interested in. But I'd like advice and possibly answers to what I'm unsure about. If anyone can help that would be great.

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