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Postgraduate calculator

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    I need your advice to buy a calculator to be used in master study in electrical engineering-communication and computer networks and also useful as an engineer (electrical engineer/Electronics & Communication)
    Thanks in advice
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    that being said I rarely use a calculator anymore. I use matlab/excel for 99% of my computation
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    Yep, TI-89 is the ticket. A little pricey at $140 or whatever, but worth it.

    You can buy a "secondary" calculator, the TI-36X for $10 that works pretty well for engineering as long as you don't need graphs, matrices, multivariables or integrals solved. TI-36X is also legal on the FE and PE Exams.
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    what about TI-Nspireā„¢ CX CAS is it or TI-89 Titanium
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    The Ti-89 is better for your needs than the Ti-nspire CX CAS. At your level, you could go cheap ie Ti-36X pro and an Android or I-pad app or cheap software alternative as well.

    The Ti-89 also comes with EE-Pro or it is free to download for a Ti-89. That software used to cost Hp calculator owners around $100 before Ti bought the software out and took it away from the Hp market.
    You might consider an Hp 50G, but you should play with an RPN calculator app before you spend real money on one.
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    Any classical scientific calculator should be more than enough... if you know how to use it.
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