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Postgraduate Engineering

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    Im currently studying engineering at an Australian university at the undegraduate level, however the structure of the courses are all soon to change. Recently the university announced that as of 2012, all law, medicine and engineering courses will be only available at the postgraduate level once an undergraduate degree has been obtained.

    Now i know that most (or all?) medical courses in the US are postgraduate so i guess the change is nothing new in that sense, however is it at all common to have engineering courses only available at the postgrad level? Is this a common thing?

    The changes dont affect me directly in any way since i have already started the course, but i am still curious as to whether this is a common course structure across the globe?
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    Are you studying at UWA by any chance?
    This had me worried for awhile, considering that i'd probably be entering in 2012.
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    Yea im at UWA :smile:

    I dont reckon its all that bad though, especially for someone who doesn't know what they want to do. At least it gives people more time to try some courses and get more of an idea of what they might like to do as a career.
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