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Posting an image

  1. Jul 28, 2004 #1
    I intended to post an image in photofamily thread, I clicked Manage Attachments button and waited but there was no effect...
    What might be the problem ? I am not allowed to post any images ?

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    Was it too large? There is a message inside of the little attachment management box when that happens. I can't remember what the max size is, but it's fairly small.
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    Vance, did you remember to hit the "submit" button after you attached the image?
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    Thank you,

    I meant when i clicked the "ManageAttachment" button, I think a message box should come up for me to browse my system directory and then up load the image but that message box didn't appear...

    My image size is not large, only about 80x50.
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    Do you have Norton Internet Security or some other software that blocks pop-up windows? You might want to close the software for a moment while you attach the image, or add physicsforums to the safe list.
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    No, here is what you can see from my screen
    In the additional Options, there will be
    Miscellaneous Options
    Attach Files
    Thread subscription

    In the attach File, there is only one button "manage Attachments" and that is all, no text box, no check box, nothing, yours is the same as mine right ? I tried turning off all the security options but things did't move on...

    I think it is also Okay anyway, thanks everyone a lot for your help so far..
    But its pitiful isn't it ? because you can't see my face, I wanted you to know....\(^.^)/ --lol
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    What happens when you press the 'manage attachments' button?
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    I wish something would happen...
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    Actually you should close the software that blocks pop-up windows, close all your browser windows and then reconnect to PF again.

    That always does it for me for other websites.
  11. Jul 29, 2004 #10
    Thanks a lot, you helped me fix that problem...
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