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Posting and you

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    I have recently come across a very exciting and intersting flash video about posting and the correct posting behaviour in a forum. It is pretty funny made and even though I know most of the people here are extreemely good posters I though I'd make a contribution.

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    When I posted this here, everyone said it was lame...
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    Oh, did you post it before?
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    hmm...yep. But your thread has more posts...
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    I am a veteral forum poster with many years and websites of experience under my belt.
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    That's because you didn't read the sticky .... but that's understandable. Since you posted it in the ergonomic kinematics forum, and the sticky was in the technology and development forum, you probably missed it.
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    Explamition im mathmatical form
    [tex] P = C_oqs \frac {WTF}{M}1337 - (T-S) [/tex]
    [tex]C_oqs=[/tex] Contribtion oppion, quistion, or just somthing to
    [tex]WTF=[/tex] you should know and if you don't, just don't ask
    [tex] M=[/tex] mod
    [tex]1337[/tex] 1337 teh n3t l4anguge 1f y0u d0n't und3erstand th1s tehn y0ur a n00b
    [tex]T[/tex] theards that arleady been started about this
    [tex]S[/tex] the search engine and how much has it been used
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    I don't think I'll evergetthis webspeak. Why are all words longer than six letters in length deliberately misspelled ?
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