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    So, the other day I got an infraction for posting the first few results of a Google image search (SafeSearch turned ON) because one of the images contained the "F-word."

    It was in the P and WA forum, and they were images of the signs the protesters were holding. I did it to show the various types of displays being used and to show that they were essentially vulgar name calling and nonsensical slogans. I know that images proved my point, but I also know they violated the PF rules. I tried placing a strong warning ABOVE the images indicating there was strong language, but still received an infraction.

    Anyway, in the future, can I simply post a link to the search results themselves? I know the link will become less useful as time goes by and the results change, but could it be considered a valid piece of discussion at the time (even if the results themselves, contained profanity)?

    Here's an example: (http://www.google.com/search?q=the+...m=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&biw=1397&bih=750).

    Those are the search results "the internet." I reviewed them, and with SafeSearch On, there is nothing vulgar or distasteful for the first several hundred images.

    Please no infractions for this, I'm asking a question.
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    Why don't you try saying "if you do a google search for "terms x y z", you will see the thing I'm talking about".

    Or, if you have nothing better to do, you could blur out the offensive language and upload the edited pic.
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    Flex, the mentors discussed the list of links, I believe the last 2 were the ones that had offensive language. The mentor was correct, you had enough with the first few links (which were not deleted) to make your point.
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    On your second point regarding linking directly to the search results, the consensus is that this should be avoided. Dynamic libraries, and search results in particular, can depend not only when you search, but also your location, search settings (e.g. search filter) and cookie status.

    Ultimately, you are responsible for the content of any link you post on the forums. It is your responsibility to ensure that the content is appropriate and does not contravene any of our guidelines, either by the letter or in spirit.

    On a related note, posting a warning that you have broken the forum rules does not excuse you for actually breaking them.
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    Fair enough. Understood.
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