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Posting multiple questions

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    I am in the process of self study in Physics by going through some textbooks that I have (Classical Dynamics:Marion and Thorton, Electromagnetism: Pollack and Stump). I find myself having some conceptual difficulties and would like to pose my questions here on the forum, however the thought occured to me that it may raise eyebrows me posting multiple questions once. Is there a rule against this?

    Also, is there a way to PM admins? I would have not posted here if I knew a way to contact one for this question directly.
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    It's better to keep these questions in the open here rather than via PM because others may have the same question and benefit from this discussion.

    You may post any amount of genuine good quality questions/posts. Make sure it is one question per post.
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    Thank you. I guess the one question per post rule is to bound each thread to one specific topic?
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    Multiple questions about the same topic can go in the same thread.
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    Keep in mind that you want to make your threads easy for people to respond to. If you put a lot of questions in one thread, that will tend to turn people off, and you may get fewer useful responses. Similarly, if you have many threads going at once with lots of different questions, that may also look a bit spammy and turn potential responders off. There's a "sweet spot" that will help you get the best tutorial help from the PF... :smile:
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    I'm sorry, but that answer is six minutes late. The world has already ended. :)
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