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Posting on my phone

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    Hello I have an android galaxy s5 and had to log onto my computer to do this post. I have the PhysicsForums app and can't find out how to create a thread on my phone.
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    The app is not that intuitive. First off, make sure you are signed-in: you have to go to "sign up" and then log in. Then, click on the menu at the top left and go to "browse". Once you are in browsing mode, a pencil icon will appear at the top of the app to create a new thread.

    I use the mobile website, not the app.
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    If you have a computer or a tablet, I suggest that you use them.
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    Thanks for the reply Evo and Russ. I've come to the conclusion the app lacks on every level after viewing the webpage. Therfore I shall delete the app and participate from my laptop, and mobile website on occasion. Thanks again
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