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Complaint Posts not seen

  1. Jan 19, 2012 #1
    I receive mails that new posts have been put up on this thread: https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=567271.

    But, when I open the link, the new threads are not shown. Please guide me out of this problem.
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    Several posts were deleted from that thread. So the message was posted and a confirmation email was sent to you. But soon after, the post was deleted by either a mentor or the user themself. So that implies that you did get an email, but the post is no longer there.
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    can't you redirect the URL to something that says the post has been removed for violating some rule? People viewing the forums might think that the govt has removed the post because of some seditious content.

    This commonly happens in China. In one case, they blocked the whole cornell.edu because it had reference to Lee Teng-Hui, former president of the Republic of China and Cornell alumnus who was visiting the campus. My niece who was applying there was really confused as to why it was blocked. To the user it looks like you have a browser or connection issue.

    Please consider redirecting to a page that says why it was removed or simply that it was removed instead of post not found.
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    I don't think it happens often enough to need additional logic built into the site.
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    Dude, this is still America, not China or Russia.
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    True but viewers in other countries wont know who dropped the post only that something went wrong.

    In China, you often get connection reset messages when you try to access something they dont want you to see. So someone there viewing this forum and discovering a post is no longer there has to wonder what happened.

    Professional websites / blogs often post messages that say this post was deleted for violating website policy or was removed for copyright violation or something like that. That's all I'm saying should be done here.

    Its a suggestion, I'm used to it now. It happens to me maybe two/three times a week because I tend to post in first threads and those are the threads that get dropped for some violation. Hopefully not because of my post.
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    I think the difference already exists. If there is a post that we deleted, then you get something like https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?p=371808400 if you want to see the post. If the government won't allow access, then I guess you just get a connection time-out.
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    I followed your link and it said :

    No Thread specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator

    so now do you really want people pestering the site administrator because they found the link on the get new posts page.

    I think I made my point. Its a usability issue, a small annoyance. Something I've gotten used. But please keep it in mind as you improve your excellent forum. Its also a nice way to let people know that there are forum rules that need to be followed. Thanks for reading...
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    It may be possible to change that message to something like "That thread does not exist. If the link was originally valid, the thread was most likely deleted by forum Mentors or Admins for violating our rules <link>."

    One of the Admins (technical wizards) may comment on whether this is possible without hacking the vBulletin software. I know of at least one other forum message that people have suggested be changed, but the response was, "It's not configurable in vBulletin."
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    thats sounds reasonable
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