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A Potential corner flows

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    Hi PF!

    Attached is a very small piece of my professor's notes. I would write it out here but you need the picture. Referencing that, ##z## and ##\zeta## are complex variables, the real components listed on the axes, where the vertical axis should have the imaginary ##i## next to it. What I don't understand is how he arrives at the red box. From what I can understand, looking at the second ##z## and ##\zeta## definitions and substituting one in for the other through the variable ##r## we have $$z = \zeta e^{-i \pi+i\theta_0}$$ but from here I don't see how to arrive at the boxed in piece. Any help would be awesome!

    I should say I searched everywhere online but no one showed the derivation.

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    For the natural number n>0, zn is a 1-1 conformal mapping from the area above the angle, Θ0 = π/n, on the left to the upper half plane on the right. That will give you a way of mapping the straight horizontal lines on the right upper half plane to the flow lines of an incompressable, irrotational flow on the left within the angle area.
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