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Potential difference and EMF

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    hello... potential difference between two points in a circuit is the work done by the electric field to get a charge from point to another and for the emf it's also the work done but my question is for a potential difference the work is negative( the electrons lose energy) and for the emf the work done is positive( the electrons gain energy) ? or what? and the potential measured between a point of a circuit and the ground is it an emf or a potential difference( so it's like a given energy or a loss of energy)? thank you:D
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    i have read some threads made here but i didnt 100% get the response through them so please if any of the admins or members can help me.. thanks again
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    Emf, voltage, electric charge, potential (difference), seems to refer to the more or less the same form of energy. They fade doing work if the energy is not renewed.
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    so the emf and potential difference are the same in a circuit? they have the same effects?
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    This is a good explanation. For further reading see. http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/electric/volcon.html#c1
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    okay i understand but my question is in a circuit when we measure a potential at a point A to the mass is it a potential difference or an EMF( if we take an EMF=5V and a resistance and after the resistance the potential is dropped and we have a new potential for exemple equal to 4.25V after the resistance,this potential refered to the mass is it an emf or a potential difference?)
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