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Homework Help: Potential Difference

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    Please assist me with this

    The work done to move a 1.0 C charge from point P to Q is 3.0 * 10^-4J. If the charge starts from rest and has 1.0 * 10^-4J of kinetic energy when it reaches point Q, what must the potential difference be between P and Q?

    For this would I use

    Work done = kinetic + potential

    therefore Potential difference = Work done - kinetic

    This seems too simple to be right
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    if i remember potential difference has something to do with Volts
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    Doc Al

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    potential versus potential energy

    Don't confuse potential energy (PE) with potential difference (ΔV). The potential energy of a charge (Q) with respect to point at a lower potential (by ΔV) is PE = QΔV.
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