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Homework Help: Potential divider and sensor related help

  1. Nov 6, 2005 #1
    Hi everyone, i am new to these boards so sorry if this thread has gone in the wrong section:shy:

    So i need help for the following, in the near future i will be expected to do a sensor coursework in which I am expected to build and test a sensor. examples of this sort of a task could be the liquid level based on flotation and a rotary potentiometer, the angulart position od a door as it opens/closes or airflow from a fan with a hot wire anemometer. We should also obviously involve potential dividers in the coursework.

    Now what i need help on is two things, firstly being that although i know that a potential divider is a series circuits with one variable resistor and one fixed resistor however i am not 100% on its actual use and relevance.

    Secondly my other problem is that i am not conmfident in doing any of the tasks that i have thought of, i am looking to do preferably one of the above three mentioned however i was looking for help on how the circuit would be set or if anyone had any particularly good ideas that i havent mentioned.

    Thanks for all your help.
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