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Homework Help: Potential energy given to each coulomb of charge

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    This is the info im given...

    e = 1.6 ´ 10–19 C
    NA = 6.0 ´ 1023 particles / mole
    Molar mass of zinc = 65.4 grams
    In a chemical cell, the energy released by chemical attack on a metal, say zinc, as in many chemical reactions, is about 300 kJ per mole of metal attacked.

    What is the potential energy given to each coulomb of charge (i.e. the potential difference)?
    Remember that each zinc atom loses 2 electrons to become a Zn2+ ion. :confused:
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    Chi Meson

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    how many elecrons are lost in a mole of zinc if each zinc atom loses two?

    How many electrons do you need to have a coulomb? (this number is the inverse of the charge of the electron).

    A volt is a joule per coulomb.

    molar mass is a red herring.
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