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Potential energy graph x-component

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    What is the x-component of the force on the particle at x=5, 15, 25, and 35 cm

    i thought it was just the slope?!? but im wrong ,some help?

    x=15 i know F=0

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    so close!

    there's a formula that should be in your text:

    |F| = - dU/dx. (direction is along the x-axis.)

    (if, like in this problem, we are only concerned with one dimension.)

    in three dimensions, F = - grad U
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    oye you're right neg. slope =] thankss
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    In differential form , the relation is fiven by

    [itex]F = \frac{-dU}{dR}[/itex]

    Just find the slope of the tangents at each of the given x-coordinates . The answer will be positive or negative depending on whether Potential is decreasing or increasing at that point.

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