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Homework Help: Potential energy

  1. Feb 24, 2004 #1
    i need help for this problem.

    A single conservative force acting on a particle varies as:


    where A=48N/m and B=93N/m^2 and x is in meters.
    Find the change in potential energy as the particle moves from x0=3.2m to x1=2.8m. Answer in units of J.
    Find the change in kinetic energy of the particle between the same two points. Answer in units of J.

    I tried this problem and I thought it was zero. However, the answer is not zero. I also thought the kinetic energy was -277.696. Can anybody verify this answer? Thanks.
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    Try this:
    [tex] \Delta U = -\int_{x_o}^{x_f} F(x)\cdot dx [/tex]
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    Thanks alot

    It worked. Thanks.
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    cool thx :)
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