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Aerospace Potential flow around an airfoil

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    I invoke those aero-brains flying around here in order to help me in these questions:

    I want to simulate numerically using Matlab the potential flow around an airfoil. The first question is if anyone of you knows if is it possible a steady solution of such potential flow (subsonic and laminar) over an airfoil. To be honest, potential theory is not my best, surprisingly I have not learnt it in my university. But I want to simulate an elliptic problem such this, in part because I think it might be easier, and I don't hope to start writing a computer program that has no steady solution.

    Another question is the elliptic grid generation. I have seen it is neccessary to solve a partial differential system of elliptic equations in order to generate it. So I will need some type of normalized airfoil shape. I have read that NASA has some series of such profiles. Those who are aero-heads surely know where can I found this shapes (that allow me to strum the coordinate transformations) in the web.

    Any help will be wellcomed with a cool Duff beer sent by e-mail. :rolleyes:
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    read fundamentals of aerodynamics by anderson chapter3 & 4. you need to write a vortex panel code. damn easy
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