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Potential New Metals

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    Take a solid and a gas and superheat to the point where the solid become a gas. I propose the gases may combine into a new metal. If this were done with carbon and neon there may be the possibility of many different colors of metals due to the number of isotopes of neon. Also, if carbon and argon are super heated together they may to combine to become a black new metal. I would also experiment with super heating carbon and krypton, carbon and xenon, and carbon and radon to see if they produce new metals.

    Instead of superheating we could change direction and look into super cooling. I propose that if you take elements that are gas at room temperature we may be able to super cool them together and develop a new metal. They may cool down and combine into new metals. I would test all permutations of the following elements as they are all gases at room temperature.

    1. Radon(Rn)

    2. Xenon(Xe)

    3. Krypton(Kr)

    4. Argon(Ar)

    5. Chlorine(Cl)

    6. Neon(Ne)

    7. Fluorine(F)

    8. Oxygen(O)

    9. Nitrogen(N)

    10. Helium(He)

    11. Hydrogen(H)
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