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Potential of a charged plate

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    “We can see from our definition that the positive plate in Fig. 23-1 is at a higher potential than the negative plate........."

    I saw this statement in a book. May I know how to calculate the potential of a charged plate?
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    As always, the voltage between A and B is defined as a path integral of the electric field starting at point A and ending at point B. Of course, since the voltage is path independent you may integrate E over a straight line without loss of generality.
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    Use Gauss's Law to determin the electric field. Then integrate this electric field over the distance between the two plates; This is not that difficult since the E-field is constant; i AM ASSUMING TWO PLATES HERE
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    Could you present us with that "Fig. 23-1".It's kinda difficult to speculate,when we lack the data ...:tongue2:


    P.S.Well,at least for me it is...
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