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Potential vs. kinetic energy

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    given information is an energy source. shouldn't the basics of potential and kinetic energy be redifined.
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    given reproduced information formulates potenial energy. and two energy patterns are described to even transfer such a signal. it could be said that a pattern of any kind represents information. this would mean that potential energy has more effects than just the obvious observed today. Given any object is affected not only by the objects next to it but by the information given off by these objects, kinetic energy would be affected also.
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    In both philosophy and science, problems always arise when we treat information as distinct from energy. For example, if you took the route of 'Reductionism', it is not clear which of these reductive statements hold:

    1) Man is Matter
    2) Matter is Energy
    3) Therefore, Man is Energy

    4) Energy Pool is Information source

    5) Energy Pool is Information Pool

    Or simply....

    6) Energy is Information

    In philosophy propositions (3) and (6) are critical but profound physicalist statements and they are not taken lightly at all......and according to many philosophers they need to be scientifically proved. That regardless of the level or scale that we reach in any scientific reduction of information to energy and vice versa, these physicalist statements must hold true.

    Finally, note that statement (4) appears as if information is separate from energy, with a possible 'metaphysical remainder'. Well, in philosophy this will cause a notorious metaphysical problem......it will manifest into 'Category Error' that some people have identified elsewhere on this PF. Already, as I have noted elsewhere on this PF, Matter on its own, as a unique metaphysical category, appears on the spectrum of reality as if it is 'Self-categorising', which if it is true, metaphysically writes off or overwrites the so-called 'unexplainable remainder' of matter (the immaterial aspect of it, if any).

    So the Standard of Proof is this:

    If Information is reducible to Energy at any scale of reference, then the following conditions must hold unversally;

    1) It must not lead to 'category error'

    2) It must not lead to 'unexplainable remainder'

    In other words the deductive process must be 'eliminative' in scope and in substance. This process is rightly called 'Eliminative Reductionism'
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    I asked in the thread linked below whether gravity is energy. It seems to have qualified as potential energy. The only information gravity contains is "things fall down" or "light bends here". Gravity adds potential to kinetic energy because of the reaction between the two. Philosophically potential and kinetic energies
    have their root in the single concept of energy.


    Also, this deleted member has asked the question

    "Does energy = information"
    without making much headway toward an answer.

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