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Potential wells

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    My name is Unmesh Kamle. I have just passed high school and began reading about Potential wells and about electrons trapped inside them (from Resnick Halliday Krane). I m also reading about Supersymmetry. I m new member on this discussion forum. Could somebody reply to this message so that I can discuss my ideas with them. I m 17 yrs. old. You would think I m too young to understand anything. But I m quite comfortable with calculus and higher algebra. I come from India and Physics is all calculus based here.

    I would like to discuss about M-theory, potential wells, relativistic mechanics, chandreshekhar's limit etc..
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    Heck I'm 17 too. I know people that are even younger. People of all ages are welcome here. :wink:
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    Here's a good potential well to study: The double Morse potential. It is shaped like a bowl with a hump in it. It is used to model car wax, since the active ingredient in car wax (potassium di-hydrogen phosphate -- KDP) has such a potential shape. You could use a tool like Mathematica to solve the Schroedinger equation numerically, then compare the energy levels with experiment. COOOL project. (One that I have done.)
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    Sounds interesting Unmesh. So do you plan to pursue physics in future?
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    I just did.
    Im 18, so i dont think 17 is too young to understand anything.
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    I think he mentioned it because he thinks most PF contributors/members are "old" :tongue2: (not to be taken too seriously)
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