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Pouillet's law

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    i tried to find Pouillet's law in google and many websites, but we are dealing here is Pouillet's law which , is very realted to ohm's law .
    In other words i just need a small introduction about Pouillet's law please and thank you
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    I like Serena

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    Hi queenstudy! :smile:

    Which law do you mean?

    TBH, I was not aware of any law named Pouillet's law, so I googled it myself.
    I found few references, one in which Ohm's law was mistakenly attributed to Pouillet.
    And another, that says Q=It (charge = current times time).
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    i found it in french since the scinetist is french but im talking about the summation of voltage in a circuit thx anyway serena
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    I like Serena

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    Summation of voltage in a circuit would be Kirchhoff's Voltage Law.
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    pouillet is the one who made the introduction to ohms and kirchhoff's laws
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