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Pound of tnt = ? Joules

  1. Oct 26, 2005 #1


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    pound of tnt = ??? Joules

    Does anyone know what the equivalency is? I tried to google but I get a bunch of star trek websites for some reason...
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    The better Startrek sites all agree it would be about 2megajoules
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    The wiki says 4,184 J is the energy of exploding a gram of TNT.

    There are 453.59237 grams in a pound.f
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    Guess startrek is right
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    Re: pound of tnt = ??? Joules

    i believe this might help you out Pengwuino. I know you wanted to know in October...but i found this neat webpage that might help you.

    If you are asking for the TNT equivalent then here ya go.


    I hope it helps.

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    Re: pound of tnt = ??? Joules

    Yes, October of 2005. Thank you though.
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