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Powder diffraction

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    Hello! X-ray powder diffraction can be used to determine the structure of crystal. I am given the diffraction angles (theta) for a sample and I am supposed to see if it has fcc, bcc or diamond structure. I read that if one plots sqr(sin(theta)) against ( sqr(h) +sqr(k) +sqr(l) ) where h, k, l are Miller indices one gets a straight line. So what I should do is plot for the series of Miller indices for fcc, bcc and diamond and see which gives a straight line. But I have no idea where to get the miller indices series from. Could you please help me? Thank you!
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    Correct. Do you understand why this is true, or what equation it is derived from?

    You must have learnt about structure factor. If you have forgotten, look it up.
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