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Powe series of functions

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    Hi, I am stuck on this problem!

    Given the function, find the first four terms of the power series representation and find the domain of convergence?

    function is;

    my calculation;
    find derivatives of the function.


    I am having difficulty in knowing if what I did was correct.

    I'm not sure if this is how you are meant to approach it and if what I did was the correct way to go about solving the problem.

    If anyone can help me in solving my problem your help will be appreciated.

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    Hi dan,
    I think you should use Taylor's formula.
    It's true you need the derivatives.
    But I think your results are wrong. I get, for instance,

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    Use the binomial expansion to get a series for (1-2x)-3, multiply the first few terms by (1-x). It will converge for |x|<1/2.
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    Your derivatives are not exactly correct. You need to use the quotient rule and the chain rule in this case.
    Remember the quotient rule y' = (vu' - uv')/v^2.
    Now let u = (1-x) and v = (1-2x)^3.
    u' = -1, v' = -6(1-2x)^2 (chain rule).

    therefore y' = (-(1-2x)^3-(-6)(1-x)(1-2x)^2)/(1-2x)^6
    = ((1-2x)^2(5-4x))/(1-2x)^6
    = (5-4x)/(1-2x)^4
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