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News Powell AND Ashcroft resigning?

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    I'm sure most people have heard that Colin Powell has no plans of staying on as Secretary of State for a Second term, and I just heard on CNN that Ashcroft might retire, partially due to poor health (pancreas inflamation).

    So, what do you guys think, will Bush make good on his promises of Bi-Partisanship and appoint some Republicans like Powell or possibly even Democrats, or will he just take advantage of the majority he has in the Senate and appoint someone who has no differences with him?

    Any ideas who may replace Powell and possibly Ashcroft if they resign? I saw McCain re-affirming his stance that he DOES NOT want a cabinet position today, so he's out. Maybe Joe Biden for Sec. of State? :rolleyes:
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    Show me this news about powell resigning
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    Its been mentioned on CNN a few times. I'd not hear about Ashcroft though. But that is good, Ashcroft needs to go, he was nothing but trouble, no so much for Bush as for the American people.
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    I had thought it was pretty common knowledge. I'm not positive he's officially announced it, but for a good stretch of a few weeks I remember hearing/reading that Powell was just tired of Government life and if Bush were re-elected, wouldn't stay on for another term, and that if Kerry were elected, wouldn't accept a cabinet position.

    Perhaps it was all just unsubtantiaed rumors, I don't know, I'll try to check it out. I have a feeling he confirmed it when he was on Meet The Press, but I can't be sure.

    However, if you look at Powell pre-war, he seemed eager, lively, totally affirmed that we were doing the right thing etc. After the war, he's been the only apologetic member of the Administration for having misled the public, and he seems just dejected and lifeless in general.
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    Powell resigning is nothing more than speculation (and it's been going on for some time). It's based on the feeling that he doesn't really fit in this administration - that as a sole voice of reason, he's frequently ignored.

    Ashcroft resigning is a definite possibility.

    There's always some turnover between first and second term. A four year term on the cabinet is good. Eight years adds nothing to it and puts their personal careers on hold.
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