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Powell lens

  1. Apr 16, 2015 #1


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    I am a Post graduation student and I am doing a project on the conversion of a Gaussian beam into a flat top beam using optical components. I have found that the best component to do the same is a Powell lens. I would like to know more about the equations connecting the input beam diameter, output beam diameter, wavelength of the light and the fan angle of a Powell lens.
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    I dont know much about Powel Lenses, but i found this thesis discussing this kind of lenses, there are a few equations and simulations aswell.


    Also, you can download the EDU version of OSLO optical modeling software and make a Powell lens in it and experiment how they work.

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    Thank you for your Reply.
    I have already read the article but couldn't"find the relation from this one.
    Still I am happy to tell you that I have got the relation from a Patented document.
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    Andy Resnick

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    Google is your friend:

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    Now that I have found the relation and working of the Powell lens, I would like to simulate it using ZEMAX optic studio software.
    Can anyone please help me with the steps to be carried out in ZEMAX to generate a Powell lens and its properties.
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    You should post a thread at the Zemax General Discussion Forum: http://forum.zemax.com/Forum27.aspx

    I dont know any simple method to simulate a powell lens in Zemax. You could try the Part Designer in Zemax to draw a Powell lens, or use a solid modelling CAD software (AutoCAD, Inventor, SolidEdge, SolidWorks etc.) to draw it, and then import it to Zemax.
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