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Power Connector Design

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    I am in design and manufacturing of electrical power connectors. I need to know if there is any precise formula to design a connector, i.e. given the required current rating, is there a particular formula that gives the parameters of the connector, like length and thickness??

    All our connectors are made of Aluminium alloy. So resistivity, material density and Specific heat remain constant.

    Looking forward for a help...
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    What kind of connectors are you talking about?
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    these are power connectors, like tee-connectors, parallel grove connectors used in transmission lines and substations...
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    Do you have test results for your units? Or are you trying to do theoretical calculations to back up what you have?
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    yeh we do have test results. But for newer sizes, we require some kind of a guiding factor for the design...
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    Can you not just calculate the simple resistance and then determine ohmic heating?

    EDIT: At least, as a first level approximation?
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