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Power Cord

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    I have an idea about an extension cord that is flat and sticky like tape. This will cause less mess around the TV and will prevent anyone from tripping over any cords
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    Simon Bridge

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    Welcome to PF;
    Think about possible problems caused by the solution.

    i.e. will the cord stick to things you don't want it to?
    Will unwanted things (dust, dirt, rubbish, small animals etc) stick to it? What would the consequences of that be?
    What about if the cord gets tangled?

    You can experiment by wrapping an existing cord in double-sided tape.
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    I feel like it sticking to dirt and dust is inescapable in early testing. What might help?
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    Simon Bridge

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    The standard way to make something stick to something else without sticking to unwanted stuff is to use hooks or catches or ties of some kind. The other approach, more for temporary fixing, is to use duct-tape to secure the cord to a surface and put boards and hazard-tape over the cord(s) were people have to walk. If the setup is permanent, then the cords are placed inside a permanent structure like a wall or a conduit.

    You should be starting to come to these conclusions already.
    The problems you are trying to solve have existed and been researched since the invention of rope... that is a very long time.
    Most of the stuff we can think up already have solutions in place - but don't stop thinking about it. The trick is to figure what is wrong with the existing solutions and see if some advance in technology can help.
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    Ok I see. I'll keep that in mind going forward.
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