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Homework Help: Power distribution systems of industrialized societies

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    Which, if any, of the following statements is/are true, based on our dicussion of electrical distribution systems?

    1)An electrical transformer can transform high power and low current to low power and high current.
    2)In the U.S. the electric potential across the two vertical connectors in a wall outlet goes from positive to negative and back 60 times a second.
    3)In your home the potential difference between the two vertical connectors in the wall outlets is about 110 to 120 V at all times.
    4)Between the generator and a long-distance transmission line, the electrical potential difference across the wires is stepped down, increasing the current.
    5)Electrical power is transmitted at very high electric potentials and modest currents.
    6)The purpose of the transformer near your home is to increase the potential difference and decrease current.
    7)Nikola Tesla devised the alternating current (AC) system used throughout the industrialized world.
    8)Thomas Edison was an early supporter of the alternating current (AC) approach to electricfication.
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