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Homework Help: Power Electronic Question

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    3 x 15Ohm resistor (R) and 3 x 3.83 mH reactors (L) are connected in different ways across a 500V, 3 phase line. without drawing a phasor diagram, calculate the line current for each of the following connections:

    a. R and L in series, connected in wye

    b. R and L in parallel, connected in delta

    i have difficulty in starting to solve...anyone could shed some light here?

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    Well, in -a-, you just have a 15 Ohm resistor in series with a 3.83mH inductor from each phase to Neutral, right? It seems that the current in each leg would be identical and independent....

    For -b-, you can look first at Wye-Delta transformations,


    or you could solve it using the phase angle differences....
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